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Nom Version Description Mainteneur Arch Périmé? Date
ctkarch-sysconfig-git 1.0.r11.g499632c-1 This utility helps with configuring an Arch Linux installation calimero any - 13/08/2014
qgis 2.4.0-4 Quantum GIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that supports vector, raster & database formats coincoin x86_64 - 05/08/2014
ctkarch-autostartx 2.0.1-1 A systemd unit file for running startx with the user's shell profile loaded calimero any - 02/08/2014
hunspell-fr-cpr90 5.1-1 French (Classic + 1900 Reform) hunspell dictionaries Reihar any - 06/07/2014
trilinos 11.8.1-2 An effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems. coincoin x86_64 - 01/07/2014
yaourt 1.5-1 A pacman wrapper with extended features and AUR support tuxce any - 23/06/2014
package-query 1.4-1 Query ALPM and AUR tuxce i686 - 23/06/2014
package-query 1.4-1 Query ALPM and AUR tuxce x86_64 - 23/06/2014
linpack Benchmark based on linear algebra excellent app for stress testing coincoin x86_64 - 01/06/2014
openbox-menu 0.5.1-1 Dynamic XDG menu for openbox calimero x86_64 - 29/05/2014
scilab 5.5.0-2 A scientific software package for numerical computations. coincoin x86_64 - 22/05/2014
petsc 3.4.4-1 Portable, extensible toolkit for scientific computation coincoin any - 22/05/2014
nautilus-dropbox 1.6.2-1 Dropbox for Linux - Nautilus extension coincoin x86_64 - 22/05/2014
paraview 4.1.0-3 Parallel Visualization Application using VTK coincoin x86_64 - 22/05/2014
zotero 4.0.20-1 Zotero Standalone. Is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. coincoin x86_64 - 22/05/2014
insync 1.0.28-1 An unofficial Google Drive client that runs on Linux, with support for various desktops coincoin x86_64 - 22/05/2014
dropbox 2.8.0-1 A free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. coincoin x86_64 - 22/05/2014
histoiremondiale 2.0-2 Atlas historique - survoler le monde et lire la description de la période syll any - 17/04/2014
libcgns-paraview 3.2.1-1 General purpose library for the storage and retrieval of computational fluid dynamics analysis data by CGNS standard coincoin x86_64 - 08/04/2014
yed 3.12.2-1 Very powerful graph editor written in java coincoin any - 08/04/2014
winusb 1.0.11-4 Simple tool to create a usb stick installer for Windows (Vista and above) Rolinh x86_64 - 27/02/2014
winusb 1.0.11-4 Simple tool to create a usb stick installer for Windows (Vista and above) Rolinh i686 - 27/02/2014
bibtex2html 1.97-3 Collection of tools for producing HTML documents from bibtex-bibliographies coincoin x86_64 - 18/01/2014
downgrade 5.0.3-1 Bash script for downgrading one or more packages to a version in your cache or the A.R.M. coincoin any - 15/01/2014
deal-ii 8.1.0-1 A Finite Element Differential Equations Analysis Library coincoin x86_64 - 04/01/2014